10 Free Apps For Filmmakers

Independent Filmmakers ToolkitWith another edition of the Raindance Film Festival finished it’s back to school for many of our audience and readers. The festival hosted a great number of shorts, features and documentaries that used cell phones as a way to generate their images. What better way to up your ante than to use specialised apps for your phone to make your movies even better? No film school teaches you this stuff: they’d go out of business!

Earlier this year we wrote up 7 apps for your cell phone. These apps varied in price from a few dollars up to a pricey thirty bucks, and we’d reccomend them all.

Not to be outdone, PremiumBeat.com has come up with a list of 10 free apps for filmmakers. WOW! A great way to upgrade your cell into a serious bit of filmmaking equipment. Even Kodak has an app!

Here we go:

1. Cinema Forms

Cinema forms is designed to help you go paperless on-set. The app has a number of commonly used filmmaking forms that can be saved on the device, so you can focus on the film, not keeping up with papers. This app is only available for iPad, but if you are looking for a way to have all your forms in one place, it’s a great option. There is an additional “Pro” version for $30 that gives you access to all the forms beyond the initial 13 you are given in the free version.

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