10 Reasons Filmmakers Can Be Thankful in 2014

It’s November and, as all of our transatlantic friends prepare themselves for an epic Thanksgiving feast on the 24th, we thought we’d honor the holiday in our own little way here at Raindance. Whether you’re American or not, Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect back on the year and think about all the things you’re grateful for (preferably while stuffing your face with food). We’ve been thinking particularly about all of the wonderful things filmmakers have to be thankful for in 2014…


1. It’s Been a Massive Year for British Independent Film

As the nominations for this year’s Moet British Independent Film Awards show, Britain is still producing some excellent indie films. Movies like The Imitation Game, ’71 and Calvary mean that 2014 certainly hasn’t been lacking in home grown inspiration.

2. Awards Season is just around the corner

Speaking of inspiration and the MBIFA, November is when we can expect the big contenders for other upcoming awards to start hitting our screens. As the BAFTAs, Golden Globes and, of course, Oscars come our way, so do some fantastic independent and big budget films; filling filmmakers to the brim with the motivation to get out there and get creative.

3. Crowdfunding

After the success of The Veronica Mars movie and Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here, crowdfunding is attracting more attention than ever. Not only a way to finance your project, crowdfunding enables you to get fans on board before you even make your film and lays good foundations for future marketing and outreach.

4. Technology

Now is a great time to be a filmmaker, with technology and tools ever evolving. Digital cameras like DSLRs are not only smaller, cheaper and easier to get hold of than ever, but they have never made your film look better. The 2011 winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Like Crazy was shot on a Canon 7D, don’t y’ know. Now NIKON is launching their new DSLR range and filmmakers are raving about their cameras too.

5. The Black List

A closed network of scrip buyers, reps and writers, The Black List is where filmmakers and material meet. Putting those in search of a great screenplay in touch with great screenwriters and vice versa, the site allows writers from across the globe to make their script available to thousands of working film industry professionals.

6. Video On Demand

VoD sites like Netflix, which currently has 40 million members worldwide, have a global reach that is only expanding. Offering an alternative to theatrical or DVD release, VoD is another way to make sure that your film is getting viewed and reaching audiences. Raindance launched our own VoD in 2014 making it easier to see Raindance Film festival films online and allowing filmmakers to make money too. You can look at films on Raindance Releasing here.

7. Apps

Fillmmaking apps allow you to plan, shoot and edit a movie all on your  smartphone or tablet. Apps such as iMovie, Storyboard Composer and Movie Slate are easy to use and allow you to do almost everything you want from one device.

8. You Can Work Virtually Anywhere

Tablets, smartphones and laptops that weigh virtually nothing also mean that you need no longer be chained to your PC when working on your film. With wifi hotspots and 4G, you can work on your project to your heart’s content almost anywhere and be productive even when you’re constantly on the move.

9. Social Media

Whilst Twitter and Facebook are still kings, the rising popularity of platforms such as Vine and Instagram have made it super quick and easy for filmmakers to be creative with their content (what can you do with 6 seconds?) and get it ‘out there’ for audiences to see. Social media also allows you to take control of your image and connect with audiences and filmmakers from all over the place…social networking indeed.

10. Storytelling is timeless

Although this list mentions several pieces of technology that can enhance your filmmaking, you don’t need to feel like you’re always trying to play catch up with the newest gadgets. Ultimately, a compelling story is key. While big budget, high-tech blockbusters like Interstellar will always attract lots of attention, well-made and original independent films like Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel and MBIFA nominated Belle also drew audiences to the cinema this year.

11. And one for luck… it is Thanksgiving after all!

Raindance would like to say a huge thanks to you lovely lot! This Thanksgiving we’re thankful for all of our members and filmmaker friends so, whether you’re Stateside or not, make sure to treat yourself to some Turkey and Pumpkin Pie on the 24th!

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