3 Ways You Can Help Raindance

Orestes Kousof

Orestes Kousof, Raindance

Raindance founder Elliot Grove started Raindance back when I was still in nappies. He started it as a thought experiment: Can you make movies without any money, without any experience and with no film school training.

It’s kind of worked: Edgar Wright was his first intern, and Christopher Nolan’s first film The Following followed Elliot’s thought experiment to a ‘T’: shot on weekends for nine months with a budget of about £6,000 (410,000)

2014 Raindance Film Festival promises to be an exciting 12 days of independent film. Elliot’s challenge is, how to get the word out. My role at Raindance is ‘marketing’. This is where you come in:

There are three different and quite simple but extremely useful ways you can help:

1. Spread the word

I’m not asking you to be an evangelist, but I am, kinda! Mentioning Raindance to your friends is probably the most powerful thing you can do: word of mouth. Another cool way is to comment on our kazillion articles, like at the bottom of this one. Commenting is easy: Just type in something useful and interesting and click “Send”.

The things that need mentioning are our courses: If you have been on a Raindance filmmaking course, and I am going to assume you thought it really good, then recommending us to your mates helps us heaps.

Then of course the festival: it could be the events, like our pitching competition, Live!Ammunition! or it could be the movies. Telling your friends, colleagues and acquaintances about the 22nd Raindance Film Festival is another huge help.

We also have catalogues and leaflets – if you’d like some for your neck of the woods, send an email to info@raindance.co.uk and let us know how many and to which address and we will get them into the post for you. You can leave these at local cinemas, schools or your work mates.

2. Share the word

It’s painless and quick to share. Sharing comes in 3 flavours:

(a) Twitter and Facebook offer really good tools to use to share this page. Look to the top and you will see Facebook, Google+ and Facebook buttons: Just clicks on them and presto – you’ve helped.

(b) If you like, send this page to a friend so they can see it too: Copy this URL into an email or Facebook message and presto number 2 – you’ve helped: http://www.raindance.org/3-ways-you-can-help-raindance/

(c) Follow Raindance on Twitter and Facebook: Now, how simple is this:
Go here and click “Like” Facebook
Go here and click ‘Follow’ Raindance.

Our hashtag is #RDFF


3. Attend


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