5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Robin Williams

Comedy über alles.

It’s kind of ironic that the first and the only trending topic worldwide on Twitter related with Robin Williams is his death. Right now every possible newspaper or website is racing in with articles about Williams and his work in comedy or film. What I want to do, on the other hand, is present 5 things you may not have known about Robin Williams – things that might not necessarily have much to do with his work, but which show what a great man and human being he was just on his own.

1. Stand Up in Iraq

Williams performed with the United Service Organizations for U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I could briefly summarize this story but I will let speak Robin for himself, from his interview on the Late Show with David Letterman. The whole conversation is absolutely brilliant and hilarious, but skip to 10:31 to hear Williams talk about his time in the Middle East.

2. Jokes about his heart condition

In 2009, Williams had heart surgery to replace his aortic valve due to his previous drug and alcohol addiction problems. The best part of this rather dangerous situation is the way Robin talked and joked about the whole thing. Spoiler alert: Priceless. Before I recommend whole interview from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, start from 4:36

3. He named his daughter ‘Zelda’ – after his favourite video game

How cool must a father be to call his daughter after his favorite video game character? Two words: Robin Williams. In this interview, along with his daughter, he speaks about his decision.

4.  Robert de Niro’s nose.

Long story short: Robin Williams tells a story how he broke Robert de Niro’s nose on-set. Highly recommended video.

5. Acceptance speeches

Robin Williams is well known for his sharp, very non-PC tongue. And he was an extremely talkative persona. And he literally LOVED giving acceptance speeches. Every award he achieved was a great opportunity to pierce the bloated balloon of pompous Hollywood society. This is just a fraction of the sarcastic genius of this great American comic.

I’m finishing this with a smile on my face. I love Robin Williams as an artist and for me he was, still is and highly probably always will be, the essence of comedy, an amazing actor and beautiful human being. Fortunately, his genius will stay with us until the end of time.

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