All-Day Filmmaker Summit

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All-Day Filmmaker Summit

Dear Filmmaker,

Long before I moved to Los Angeles and years before I made my first feature, I was a lot like you. I had notebooks full of movie ideas. I had screenplays that were in some stage of development. I had a closet full of filmmaking gear. And I had a passion for movies like no other.

Like a lot of hopefuls, I grew up in a small town. And outside of our local movie theater, nobody knew anybody in Hollywood. Hollywood seemed like an impenetrable kingdom, reserved for only a lucky few.

I wasn’t born with Hollywood connections. And to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure if I would ever make a movie. In fact, there were many times when my own insecurity got the better of me.

Do you understand what I’m taking about? I mean, have you ever had an awesome idea for a movie, but you weren’t sure how to get it made?

Don’t feel bad. There is a lot of confusing information out there.

How To Make Your Movie

First you need a great script. Then you need to write a business plan, then you gotta find investors. As part of this process, you will want to know how to leverage tax incentives and hire crew… And obviously, you’ll want to know how to get your movie made!

And if this isn’t overwhelming enough, your next responsibility is finding some way to get your movie seen and selling.

Some of this is exciting. A lot of is probably still confusing. And some small part of you is probably saying: “I just want to make my movie and sell it.”

If this describes you, you’re in luck.

I got together with two other seasoned producers (who have actually made movies.) Anyway, we got together and decided to create a one-day, content packed filmmaking seminar!

We are inviting you to join us in Santa Monica for an ALL DAY Filmmaking Summit.

Over the course of the day, we are going to provide you with solid, useful and actionable tips so you can walk out knowing EXACTLY what needs to happen (and how to do it) so you can get your movie made.

Check out the AMAZING Film Summit schedule

Module 1 – BANKROLL Your Film
Tom Malloy is going to start out the day telling you how to meet prospective investors, how to pitch to them and how to get money to make your movie. This will include information on business plans and more importantly, he is going to share his secret tips on how he was able to raise over 25-Million dollars to fund his independent films.

Tom also wrote Bankroll, which the gold standard book of Indie Film Finance.

Module 2 – PRODUCE Your Film
Aimee Schoof is an entertainment executive and producer. She co-founded Intrinsic Value Films in 1998 and has since produced more than 30 feature films! Of those, seven have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, four at the Tribeca Film Festival, three at SXSW, one at Toronto, Venice, New Directors/ New Films, and Berlin to name a few.

Aimee will share her closely guarded tips for taking your movie from script to screen.

Module 3 – MARKET Your Film
Jason Brubaker helps filmmakers get their movies seen and selling. As you know, finding a traditional distribution deal is increasingly challenging. Nobody knows this better than Jason Brubaker. After failing to garner a traditional distribution deal for his first feature, he figured out how to market and sell his movie online.

Jason will show you how to maximize movie profits without the middle-man!

Module 4 – SELL Your Film
All three speakers will share their strategies for distribution. This will be an open discussion covering the following topics: How to find a sales agent. How to evaluate your distribution contracts. Release windows and how to maximize exposure. And importantly, how NOT to get screwed in the process.

Module 5 – Group Discussion
Following the presentation, we will provide an Q&A to the audience. This will allow YOU to get answers to your specific filmmaking questions. So make sure you come to the event with your most pressing questions!

Module 6 – Meet and Greet
Your success as a filmmaker is sometimes more about who you know, than what you know. Following the presentations, we will walk to a nearby lounge for an intimate meet and greet. This will allow you to spark relationships with other like minded filmmakers. For many, this will possibly the most important benefit of the event.

The event is filling up fast…

DO NOT MISS this Incredible Opportunity

Only $199 for a FULL DAY SEMINAR! FRIDAY November 8th, 2013.

Filmmaker Event

Venue Details:
Magicopolis, 1418 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
8:30am to 5:30pm

To reserve your spot, go here:

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