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AMERICAN SNIPER is an extremely well made, powerful, tragic movie. However, it has too much excessive content that probably will limit its audience.
As a young boy in Texas, Chris, his father, brother, and mother go to church and believe the Gospel. His father says there are three types of people – sheep, wolves and sheep dogs and his father wants his sons to be sheep dogs who protect the sheep.
From his early youth, Chris is an excellent marksman. He’s also becomes a rough and tumble rodeo rider. His brother is his sidekick.
After one rodeo, Chris comes back to his apartment to find his girlfriend is with another guy. He throws her out after throwing the guy out and then goes to a bar to get drunk. There, he picks up the girl who will become his wife.
When a crisis happens in the Middle East, Chris joins the Navy Seals. An expert marksman, he becomes a legend. He shoots men, women and children who are trying to kill the Americans and the local allies.
On the other side of the battle are the Muslims jihadists who are cruel and vicious. One is called “the Butcher.” He uses a drill to torture people and saves body parts on shelves. Chris is given the mission to get rid of the Butcher. However, the Butcher has a protector who’s an expert Gold Medalist sniper in his own right.
Meanwhile, Chris’s wife has two children at home, but each trip home after a tour of duty, he becomes more and more alienated. Eventually, after killing the Butcher and the sniper, he’s ready to return home, but he’s not the man who left home.
A psychiatrist helps Chris to deal with his extreme psychological pain by helping others. Since this is a true story, many people will know this ended up as a tragedy.
AMERICAN SNIPER is in many ways one of the best contemporary movies about the conflicts in the Middle East. It is full of strong Christian faith, self-sacrifice, valor, and patriotism. It is endlessly captivating and full of jeopardy, which keeps you riveted to your seat. Clint Eastwood has done a magnificent job of directing this movie.
That said, after countless killings, even the audience will become war weary, and some of the characters who lose faith and courage will resonate with the audience. This is not an easy movie.
Also, Clint Eastwood has used a surplus of “f” words. Some dialogue includes nothing but “f” words and some other obscenities but no profanities. The movie also contains some rough moments of alcohol, rejection and sex that take it even further into the excessive category than movies like FURY.
So, AMERICAN SNIPER will be a very difficult movie for people of faith and values. It is not a movie for children or teenagers. Please be careful.

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