How to Pitch Your Story/Script

Here’s a very good primer about pitching your story/script.

Ask The Expert: The Pro Pitch Method

By Devo (Devorah) Cutler-Rubenstein

Question: How does a relative newbie “wow” with their pitch like a pro?

Answer: At the core of every story is a beating heart. The beating heart is initially the writer, unleashing his or her vision onto the blank page. And, next, the beating heart is the excited pulse of the director or producer or executive who believes in the unique vision of the writer. Finally, the beating heart is of a totally engaged audience member – who is having a compelling, thrilling or hilarious emotional experience as a result of the writer’s story as it unfolds on the big screen. And the beat goes on – hopefully reaping box office returns.

But it all starts with the writer’s passion.

Whether you are a professional writer or a new writer just starting out of the gate, every writer needs to learn how to infuse a professional sales pitch with the pulse of passion.

When the pro pitches a story there is a sense that the character is alive and the buyer can see it, feel it and wants to “get into bed” with the project (i.e. option or buy it) based on the following:

1. Vitality of the pitch
2. Professional demeanor of the person pitching
3. Commerciality of the premise.

The presentation, whether on paper (“paper pitch”) or pitched verbally (“the pitch”) carries with it a FEELING of confidence. It exudes professionalism, vitality and commerciality.

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