Should Christian Movies Use Profanity?

Media consultant and author Phil Cooke tackles the subject of profanity in Christian movies. It’s about the character. Should Christian Movies Use Profanity? For some reason, I’ve had a number of questions on this subject recently. I’m not sure why, but a number of very sincere Christian filmmakers seem to be wrestling with the subject, […]

Why Hollywood needs to embrace conservatism

by Carol Roth, After a second weekend of wide-scale release in the U.S., Warner Bros./Time Warner’s “American Sniper” movie has topped the $200 million domestic release mark. This number is stunning in and of itself in a time when many other movies have struggled to find an audience; but that number also puts it […]

Is there such a thing as “the perfect independent motion picture investment opportunity”?

Do you believe your film is a “great investment opportunity”? I’ve heard this pitch many times, and have made it myself. But how does a prospective investor evaluate your project? The article below gives some good insights to consider. The author states that it is “by no means a dogmatic list,” but it does illustrate […]

Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks

Stumbled upon an excellent article by Kathryn Castaneda today regarding “crowdfunding.” She offers her insights and provides a terrific video example of a crowdfunding campaign. The first thing to understand if you are traveling this path, though, is to know for every widely publicized successful campaign (Amanda Palmer, Veronica Mars, etc.) there are many, many […]

Hollywood Reporter: Steven Spielberg Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry

This post originally appeared in the Hollywood Reporter. Read it here.