Danny Boyle’s 15 Golden Rules of Moviemaking

MovieMaker magazine recently re-ran a list of “golden rules” that Danny Boyle follows. Boyle has directed hit films including Trainspotting and the Oscar-winning drama Slumdog Millionaire. His latest film is Trance. Enjoy. 15 Golden Rules of Moviemaking by Danny Boyle 1. A DIRECTOR MUST BE A PEOPLE PERSON • Ninety-five percent of your job is […]

Faith-Based Projects Continue to Make Record Sales

“The Bible” series is the latest faith-based project to achieve staggering results. ‘The Bible’ Shatters Home Video Sales Records in First Week by Breitbart News 9 Apr 2013 The History Channel’s just-wrapped miniseries The Bible isn’t done changing the pop culture landscape quite yet. The program’s ratings gave the cable channel a massive boost, holding […]

Tax Benefits for Investors Explained

In this episode of Indie Film Industry News hosted by Michael R. Barnard, entertainment attorney Hal “Corky” Kessler discusses the history of the Section 181 tax incentive and how it can apply to films in 2013 and beyond.  He also gives a brief description of the Section 199 tax incentive for feature films. Excellent information […]

Confessions of an AFM Distributor

I spent yesterday attending the American Film Market. My goal was to meet filmmakers looking to get their movies into the popular video on demand marketplaces. During my time talking to filmmakers, I discovered a few secrets of distribution that I would like to share with you. So before you max your credit card, pack […]

Top 10 Most Influential Filmmaking Sites 2012

Making a movie is one of the greatest accomplishments in the world. As a filmmaker, taking your movie idea from script to screen is beyond challenging. In an effort to realize your cinematic vision, you may spend months and years and pushing past obstacles to make it happen. And during the process you will learn […]