AMY: Winehouse’s film debut beyond the grave

Amy Winehouse arrived on the scene in 2003, when her first album ‘Frank’ was released. Listeners from all walks of life were immediately captivated by this rough-edged songstress, with her gravelly blues voice and retro-inspired look. Hailing from a musically inclined family, Winehouse enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame that took her from singing in […]

5 Ways A Documentary Consultant Can Help You

When there’s a problem with your documentary do you just give up or struggle through alone? Well help is at hand through the services of the often under-used documentary consultant. Whereas it’s common practice in drama film production to call in a script editor to help improve a screenplay, in documentary filmmaking it’s rarer to […]

Why Do We Watch Films?

Warning, this article does not answer the question projected in the title.  I was knocking about on the internet, Reddit specifically, where I stumbled upon a discussion entitled ‘Why should I watch depressing movies when I have enough shit to deal (with) in real life?’ It made me laugh because I couldn’t agree more, and it […]

Top Five People Who Can Help You Enhance Your Film Website

The film industry is a competitive one. You have everyone from the big hitters in Hollywood to the slick independent productions. If your film website isn’t getting the traffic you would otherwise expect, we’re going to show you a few ways in which you can enhance the user experience.   With a range of professionals […]

10 Things Film Producers Should Know

My name is Elliot Grove and I run Raindance. Every year we are trolling through hundreds of film submissions for Raindance Film Festival and it always makes me sad. Here’s why: We end up sending out hundreds and hundreds of rejection letters to filmmakers around the world, many of whom have become personal friends. We […]