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BEYOND THE LIGHTS is the story of a girl who rises to rock stardom to please her mother, then tries to find what she wants in life. Her seedy rock lifestyle gives way to a seedy folk lifestyle, making the movie unsuitable for Christian audiences.
The movie opens with Noni as a little girl placing second in a talent concert. Her angered mother storms out and has her throw away her second place trophy. The movie then jumps forward to show Noni as a full-blown rock star gyrating on stage as if she’s not sure whether she’s a singer or a stripper. The lifestyle is so sickening she winds up on a balcony preparing to jump to her death. She’s rescued by Kaz, a police officer assigned to guard her bedroom door.
Her mother and her manager work to cover up the suicide attempt while the tabloids work to uncover it. Kaz winds up playing along with the cover-up but being truly concerned about the Noni’s wellbeing. Kaz’s father is pushing him into politics, but Kaz develops a relationship with Noni that damages the dreams their parents have for them. Noni and Kaz run away to Mexico to find their own identities. Will they be drawn back to a “better” life in America?
BEYOND THE LIGHTS is reasonably entertaining with good production values. The problem, however, is that the filmmakers completely miss the greatest option of all. Countless millions of people pursue their own dreams to wreck and ruin. Rejecting one’s parent’s wishes is not the key to happiness. Surrendering your life to God’s will is. Many people who achieve fame and fortune pursuing their own desires wind up being miserable. Those who pursue their own desires, and never reach them, are far from happy as well. God’s will is for you to use the talent and opportunity He gives you to bless others. You might be surprised just how fulfilling it is to be a blessing to others, especially when God empowers you to do more than you could on your own.
BEYOND THE LIGHTS has excessive vulgarity, sex and simulated stage sex in skimpy costumes. While the movie does imply this is wrong, the movie’s concept of what’s right is still wrong. It still promotes a Romantic worldview of pursuing your own desires and dreams without God. “Just do your own thing” isn’t a good lesson for children, or anyone else for that matter. BEYOND THE LIGHTS is beyond the pale. It isn’t a movie for media-wise viewers.

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