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BEYOND THE MASK is a drama set around the Revolutionary War period about a criminal running away from death, who meets a beautiful woman and desires to change. BEYOND THE MASK has a very strong Christian worldview, but it could be much better dramatically, if not technically, and there’s some violence requiring caution.
William Reynolds is doing criminal activity for Charles Kemp in England. William tells Kemp he doesn’t want to do the work any more. So, Kemp puts a bomb on the bottom of William’s carriage. Happily for William, a man yelled at William telling him there was fire coming from his carriage. Realizing what happened, William was able to get out of the carriage, but he’s wounded.
William ends up on the land of a wealthy family, where he’s sheltered to be treated. Somehow the family thinks William is a vicar of the local church, so they give him the house connected to the church in order to preach. Little do they know, however, that he’s a criminal.
The family has a beautiful daughter named Charlotte who flirts with William. The two clearly have an interest in each other and start taking long walks on the property. William has to preach at the church and has no idea what he’s doing but somehow pulls it off.
Even so, Charlotte thinks his faith is a little wishy-washy. So, when William asks her to marry him, Charlotte tells him her uncle must meet him first to help make the decision. When Charlotte’s Uncle finally comes into town, William greets her uncle, who turns out to be Charles Kemp, the same criminal associate who wanted William’s head. With the help of one of the attendants of the house, William is able to get away, but the attendant is shot and dies.
Some time passes, and William is able to travel and move to America. There, he meets and befriends Benjamin Franklin. Franklin gives William a job at his printing press in Philadelphia. William decides to start fighting the crime of the town, behind a mask.
Of course, it’s not long before William runs in to Charlotte, who has also come to America because her Uncle Charles has brought her to reside there. Charlotte doesn’t yet know that the vigilante is William, because he is hiding behind the mask. William saves a baby in front of Charlotte. She then takes the story to the printing press so they can report that the man in the mask is a good man. Charlotte’s uncle sees the story, chastises Charlotte and puts her in danger’s way. Will William be able to protect Charlotte?
BEYOND THE MASK has a very strong Christian worldview. The main character has a come to Jesus moment. He learns he can’t redeem himself, but needs Jesus as His savior. Charlotte helps bring William to faith as well. This is an action adventure movie, however, so there is enough violence that younger children should be cautioned.
BEYOND THE MASK is a low quality movie. The storyline is a drawn out for no apparent reason. The graphics are television quality. Also, the hair and makeup aren’t well done. In every scene, for example, Charlotte has her lipstick perfectly applied, including when she gets out of the water. The acting itself isn’t horrible, but it’s not great either. Overall the quality is pretty poor, but BEYOND THE MASK does have some entertaining elements showing what better craftsmanship and a stronger emphasis on story structure could have done with this material.

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