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COFFEE SHOP is a winsome, poignant movie about a young woman who’s been unlucky in love and is struggling to keep her coffee shop open so she can help others.
Donavan is a lovely young woman who had her dream mate walk out on her to go to Chicago to do investment banking. Now, she tries serial dating and is always amazed that nothing ever clicks. Her sister, Becky, and Becky’s boyfriend, Kevin, are concerned about her. So, they ask a famous New York playwright, Ben, to take vacation time in their beautiful seaside town hoping that there will be a match.
Before he shows up in town, however, the new bank owner tells Donavan he’s going to foreclose on her coffee shop. Further, it is revealed that Ben’s last play bombed at the box office. Donavan, when she sees Ben, thinks he’s the business partner of the unscrupulous banker, so she makes his life miserable, but he starts to fall for her (much like an old Cary Grant comedy). Then, her ex, Patrick, shows up and wants to rekindle their relationship, but he is the banker’s partner and is willing to throw Donavan’s dream for a soul-filled coffee shop down the drain.
Now, Donavan is caught in a love triangle. So, the questions are, will she recognize that Ben is the right guy? Will she see through Patrick’s shenanigans? Most of all, how can she keep the coffee shop?
COFFEE SHOP is a fun and frothy romantic comedy that also pleasantly encourages viewers to live out their biblical faith. It plays like an inviting cup of cappuccino, with a dash of whipped cream and a swirl of caramel. This is a very tight-knit, well-plotted, nicely directed television movie with lots of good dialogue, poignant moments, and heart and soul. These characters are so well drawn that viewers will think they knew them or know them. Also, Laura Vandervoort as Donavan does such a good job that the audience becomes concerned for Donavan’s future and her dream. The movie supports biblical faith explicitly, including charity. It also supports free enterprise. Also, it supports wisdom in love rather than romantic entanglements. Who could ask for anything more?

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