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DOGS TO THE RESCUE: INSPIRATIONAL STORIES OF FOUR-FOOTED HEROES is, without a doubt, the most inspirational, emotional, heart-rending, comforting, tear-jerking devotional book we have read at MOVIEGUIDE(r) (and, we get a lot of books to review). Every chapter tells a wonderful story not only of how a dog came to the rescue of a person in distress, but also how the rescue reflected a biblical story with eternal consequences.
There are stories about adults and children with extreme difficulties mental and physical whose lives were changed for the better by a four-footed canine rescuer. These are combined with stories about Jesus, Moses, Hezekiah, and other biblical personages, including God Himself, and how they rescued a person or persons in the Bible.
Some of the dogs mentioned in this devotional are trained rescue dogs, who found people lost in the wilderness or in avalanches. Some are dogs that visited children in great need and helped the children learn how to love others because the dog loved them. Some were watchdogs, some were protectors. Each story is fabulous.
What makes these stories so good is the superb writing of the author, Marion Wells. She lets readers experience the emotions, feelings, obstacles, and triumphs, often reading these stories brings tears of joy and wonder when the reader considers the magnitude of God’s Grace being manifested through these four-footed friends.
This is a great devotional. Reading a chapter a day can not only bring joy to your heart but also change your life.

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