DVD On Demand and Video Downloads

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DVD On Demand and Video Downloads

Today’s question comes from a filmmaker who is puzzled over how to sell his movie. Since the world of video on demand distribution is changing the ways in which movies are seen and sold, having a solid distribution strategy that you can implement is essential for success.

Question: When deciding on how to sell your movie, what are the advantages to DVD On Demand and Video Downloads? Is it best to start small, when selling your movie? Or does it really not matter?

Congratulations on realizing that the world in which movies are seen in selling is changing fast. And while video-on-demand will one day reign supreme, it is still important to think about a DVD strategy. So let’s start there.

Sell Movie On Amazon

When you are ready to go to market with your movie, the first thing you have to decide is whether or not you want to hold out for a dream distribution deal. But because these deals are becoming more and more rare, I am going to assume that you are ready to take your own movie to market. In my opinion the easiest market to access is also one of the largest in the world. If you go to www.createspace.com you will be able to get your movie onto Amazon.

Simply sign up for a free account. From there you will decide if you want to sell your movie as a video-on-demand rental, video-on-demand download, DVD, or combination of all three. You will then enter information about your movie and upload artwork. When complete you will be given a title ID that you will use to label a simple autoplay DVD that you will send to Amazon. In roughly 2 months your movie will be available within the Amazon marketplace.

Find A Video On Demand Aggregator

Once you complete the Amazon process, you can then decide on other marketplaces. My bias leans towards iTunes, Hulu and possibly cable video on demand.  To access these marketplaces you will you need to utilize an approved iTunes aggregator. Your aggregator will then send you a list of the appropriate deliverable specifications. Usually they are looking for an uncompressed video file, high-resolution artwork and selling points they can utilized to make the pitch to the various platforms.

Depending on the marketplaces you choose, it could take anywhere from three months to nine months to see your title live. The reason for this oftentimes has more to do with technical challenges than your content. This is because many of the platforms are very strict about the quality of the viewer’s experience.  And if even one frame does not match specification, the encoding house  will have to pull your content for repairs. This creates significant delays.

Execute A Movie Marketing Strategy

Assuming you go the distance and get your movie into the various marketplaces as both DVD On Demand and Video Downloads you will still need to implement a marketing strategy. Your goal is to use your movie website as a hub. You will work both online and offline to drive targeted traffic to your site, and then funnel that traffic towards a desired point-of-sale, such as Amazon, Hulu or iTunes. Additionally, you may choose to also include an embeddable player right on your movie’s website.

If you look at one of my movies, Toxic Soup you will see that the site also includes the Hulu embeddable player. Since Hulu pays us based on the amount of ads that our viewers watch, our strategy for making money with this title is simple. We pay less in advertisements than Hulu pays us, thereby creating a profit. And because the player is embeddable, we also encourage our fans and followers to re-embed the movie on their sites and social media.

Of course, if all of this seems like a whole bunch of confusion – The sell your movie action pack also includes personalized coaching. This means I can take a look at your movie website and your marketing strategy and provide personalized suggestions on how to refine it. To find out more about the sell your movie action pack visit, www.HowToSellYourMovie.com

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