Fail To Plan and Your Film Fails

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Fail To Plan and Your Film Fails

As a filmmaker it is important to remember that you are creating and selling a product. Yes, your movie is your product. And like any entrepreneur you must plan for the marketing, sales and distribution of your movie. And if you fail to plan for this, your movie fails.

Who Is Your Target Audience?
To get started, you need to ask yourself: Who is my intended target audience? If you can look at your movie concept objectively and you can’t answer that question in five seconds or less, then you need to think harder or evaluate your original concept.

What Is Your Hook?
In general business, every company has to figure out their USP. In the world of movies, your unique selling proposition is actually described as your hook. What makes your movie different than the gazillion other movies being made. And why should I care?

What Is Your Marketing Budget?
As a filmmaker, you don’t want to think about marketing. But with the demise of physical DVD distribution, you don’t have the luxury. As a result YOU are responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of your movie. Allocate 50% of your budget to cover these costs.

This filmmaking lesson is simple. Fail to plan and your film fails. The time to start planning is today. And if any of this seems confusing, check out my newly updated guide to indie distribution.

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