Film Festival Publicity is Serious Business for Filmmakers

Film Festivals have become the single most popular screening venue for independent films. Every year, thousands of films flood the film festival market vying for attention from the entertainment industry, public, and media. Because of this saturation, it has become critically important for each film to develop a distinct identity including having a plan to strengthen its market positioning and exploit the film’s full potential.

One key to this is to have a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming film festivals, including insight into marketing and release campaigns for each entry in the appropriate festivals.

There’s an excellent article at Winter Palace Films about this very subject:

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A Change In The Film And Television Market

In the last decade, the means by which independent films, documentaries, television content and screenplays are financed, advertised, marketed and sold has undergone dynamic changes. With more than 500,000 films and at least double the amount in TV shows being produced annually competing for packaging and distribution deals, independent filmmakers’ and television producers’ opportunities to have their scripts produced, TV programming sold or films released are almost unrealistic and “great expectations.”

Independent films, documentaries, and screenplays often do not have the luxury of being backed by studios, mini-majors, or super production companies. This leaves them without any internal infrastructure for development, production, financing, advertising and marketing, public relations, and top executive staff direction. Without benefiting from the delegation and compartmentalization of these necessary functions, the Indies are in greater need for advertising, branding and marketing campaigns bringing project and filmmaker notoriety.

Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Producers And Notoriety

Let’s say you’re writing a script or developing your project and would like to begin advertising its availability to the film or TV market early. Have you thought about marketing it now, or at all? Or, let’s say you’re prepping your film… or you’re shooting your film… or you’ve finished your film… and you want it seen. Have you, the screenwriter, filmmaker, or producer, done everything… or have you done anything needed to ensure project success?

Have you had an analysis on your project concerning marketability? Do you have representation, or do you know if you have the right representation? Do you have the right images, publicity materials and key art? Do you know which festivals, markets, sales agents or distributors are most appropriate for your film? Do you know how to gain the most notoriety for you, your script, TV project or film?

Who’d A Thought Film Festivals Were So Important?

Film Festivals have become the most popular screening venues for the Independent Film Industry, allowing a wider exposure for films, especially specialty films and film related projects. With thousands of films entering the festival market competing for entertainment industry, public, and media attention, it is imperative each film fosters its distinct identity including developing a mission, strengthen market positioning, and planning clear strategies exploiting the film’s full potential. Having a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming festivals is a necessity along with insight into marketing and release campaigns for each entry to the appropriate festival. Getting film festival “ducks in a row” is now serious business for the filmmaker.

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