First Feature: The Death Together

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First Feature: The Death Together

As I type these words, I’m hoping that whatever filmmaking tips I’m about to share are useful. And while I don’t know all of your filmmaking needs, I care a great deal about your success.

Like any creator, sometimes I have days when I’m just not feeling it. Sometimes I wonder if anybody ever utilizes my filmmaking advice. The reason for this makes sense – I’m presently seated in my living room in my pajamas, sipping coffee, wondering: Who reads this filmmaking stuff?

Thankfully every few weeks I receive an awesome email that reaffirms the value I’m bringing to the filmmaking community. And earlier this week, Kristine Castano and her husband Matty wrote me a quick note. Here it is:

“My husband and I wanted to thank you for your free books and tools you have given out! We used the tools you provided and shot our feature film using crowd funding, blood, sweat, tears and an insane 4 1/2 day shoot. We learned a lot along the way, but came out with a fantastic debut film doing everything on our own. We had the camera, and were tired of doing shorts, so we just did it.”

Kristine went on to explain that her husband is guy behind everything. He wrote, directed, produced, edited and acted in the film.

I took a look at the trailer and was pleasantly surprised. I have seen a lot of low budget movies that didn’t turn out so well. This isn’t one of them. Matty’s use of pacing, humor and emotionally dark scenarios really makes me proud. Here is the trailer:

I share this with you to inspire. No more excuses for not making your movie. If you you would like to make your movie this year, you may benefit from my professional filmmaking tools.

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