How To Choose The Best Film Project

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How To Choose The Best Film Project

Sometimes knowing how to choose the best film project is confusing. If you’ve been kicking around that filmmaking project longer than you should, you’re not alone. There are a whole slew of indie filmmakers who are behind schedule. In fact, many filmmakers will probably never finish. And sadly, many would-be filmmakers will never start.

For some filmmakers it’s just easier to talk about projects without actually taking action. And believe me when I tell you I’ve been there.

It’s hard for me to admit this to you. But just like you, I have procrastinated and blown personal deadlines on dozens of projects. I could offer you many excuses. But outside of all this Filmmaking Stuff, I’m human. Just like you, I get distracted by my own worries, my family, my bills and fatigue from sleepless nights.

I get emails all the time from filmmakers. They usually read like this:

Jason. Thanks for the great filmmaking tips. My problem is, I have so many ideas – I don’t know which one to do first. What are your suggestions?

Easy. Out of the gazillion creative ideas you have, there is one that is slightly more accessible than all the others. Do that one first. The reason for this makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Months and years can easily pass. You will get older. And at some point that cute little film project you’ve shared with your bright eyed girlfriend (or boyfriend) will get tiresome.

You need to realize that sometimes, the cost of doing nothing is far more expensive than the cost of doing the wrong thing. And even if the cost is not financial, the emotional toll of doing nothing is heartbreaking.

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