How To Find Cheap Filmmaking Locations

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How To Find Cheap Filmmaking Locations

As most filmmakers know, money is tight. And locations can be expensive. Assuming this describes your predicament, I assume you do not want to go through the process of raising more money.

So instead of hiring a location scout, you’re going to have to scout and procure locations yourself. This means you will knock on some doors and introduce yourself, your project and your goals.

How To Find Cheap Filmmaking Locations

  1. Use a program like LightSpeed Eps to organize each location in your movie.
  2. Evaluate each scene in your movie and try to imagine the perfect location.
  3. Focus first on locations you know in your own hometown. Make a list.

For locations that you are unfamiliar with, conduct an internet search. For example, if you need to find Biker Bars in Pennsylvania, you would obviously search for “Biker Bars in Pennsylvania.” From these searches you will find both pictures and pertinent contact information. Make a list of these locations. Then set aside a day to drive to and scout the location for possible use.

Your next step is to telephone the owner of the property. Explain that you plan on making a movie and that you will need use of the location. Location owners will want to know what’s in it for them. Will you offer money? Media? Free advertising? Or a combination of all three? Additionally, you will want to assure the location owner that the production is fully insured and that they are protected from liability.

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