How To Get Your Movie Noticed

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How To Get Your Movie Noticed

Since the days of Ed Burns and Kevin Smith, film production has gotten a lot cheaper. The world is now saturated with bad movies.

So your first goal is obviously perfecting your craft so that you make good movies. And while some filmmakers hit a home run with their first movie, many filmmakers don’t. You need to accept this.

When we decided to make the silly zombie movie Special Dead, none of us anticipated the movie would go viral. None of knew that nearly a decade later, people would tattoo my face on their leg. (At times, knowing my face is on someone’s leg sort of  freaks me out.)

The truth is, none of us knew we had a cult classic when we were making the movie. Back then, we were just a bunch of punks with a camera and a crew. But the experience taught me everything about the importance of word of mouth. And above all, I learned that telling stories people care about is your primary goal.

How can you create something remarkable? How are you going to ensure people will remember your movies? And the big question you need to answer is: “How will you get your movie noticed?”

In the following Film Courage video, I share some of tips on being remarkable.

Please feel free to leave comments below. And if you are seeking more movie marketing tactics, you may want to check out my how to sell your movie program. And if you decide to tattoo my face on your leg, please feel free to email the photo.

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