How To Profit From Other Filmmaker’s Mailing List

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How To Profit From Other Filmmaker’s Mailing List

Hollywood spends a gazillion dollars on movie marketing each year. But most independent filmmakers don’t have Hollywood marketing money to toss around. And if you’re like most filmmakers, by the time you read this article, odds are good that you spent all your money in production.

If you’ve ever attended one of my speaking events, you know how much I emphasize the importance of audience list building. Long before you even make your movie, you need to start thinking about your audience. You need to start thinking about the people who actually want to watch your movie. And you need to start thinking about how to source your audience.

The reason for this is simple – You can no longer base your movie business on selling a few thousand DVDs to retail outlets. The DVD market is dying. You need to source your movie audience.

In my Sell Your Movie system, I provide fundamental marketing strategies that you can employ in your movie making business. One such strategy involves marketing directly to your audience through the use of email. But what do you do if you only have a few people subscribed to your audience list?

One of the easiest ways to save money and market inexpensively is called a list swap. There are a few ways to execute this strategy which may help you spread word of mouth about your movie.

1. Utilize Another Filmmaker’s List

If you are ready to sell your movie, reach out to other filmmakers with a similar genre specific movies and find out if the filmmaker would be interested in promoting your title to his or her list. In exchange for doing this, the other filmmaker would then receive a percentage of any movie sales resulting from the email blast. It is important to remember that any filmmaker who values their list will not do a blind email blast. These filmmakers will want to screen your movie and make sure it is a fit for their audience.

In making your pitch to the list owner, you may want to provide them with a link to your movie website.

2. Advertise In Filmmaker’s Newsletter

In addition to getting a dedicated email blast, you may benefit from filmmakers who send frequent newsletters to their fans. With this strategy, you simply request the filmmaker reserves advertising space to promote your movie in their next newsletter. You could then opt to pay a percentage of the sales or simply pay an advertising fee.

This is a straight forward strategy. However, you may get less of a response due to less newsletter real estate dedicated to your movie.

3. Swap Movie Promotional Emails

Lets say you’ve done the work to build a sizable audience list. Then you go on the festival circuit and meet another cool filmmaker, marketing to a similar audience. Over a few beers you learn that he also has a sizable audience list. It is at this point you realize: You could promote each other! So a week later, you send an email to promote your friend’s movie. And at the same time, he sends out an email to promote your movie. This is win-win!

While a very easy strategy, cross promotion works best when you write your own movie promotional copy. Secondly, you will want to set up a targeted landing page set up to track and capture the influx of leads.

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