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JEALOUSY is a French movie about an actor more committed to the theater than he is to the women in his life, including the wife he left. Ultimately, the jealousy in the title seems to really be about the man’s jealousy for his profession. This leads to a movie that pretty much lacks any kind of passion, though the movie does show that the man still cares for the daughter he had with his wife and still sees regularly.
Shot in black and white, the movie opens on the man’s wife, who cries when her husband, Louis, tells her he’s leaving her for another woman. The woman, Claudia, is an actress who hasn’t gotten a part in six years. She and Louis live in a cramped apartment. To relieve themselves of this claustrophobic environment, they take walks in the streets of Paris. Periodically, his daughter comes to visit with Louis.
Suddenly, Claudia tells Louis that she’s decided to take an office job. Apparently, she’s having an affair with the man who offered her the job. Louis seems more disturbed, however, that the new job means Claudia has given up on the theater.
Alone now, Louis tries to commit suicide. He survives and discovers that he still has his sister and his daughter by his side.
The filmmakers and actors wring almost every sense of passion out of JEALOUSY. This is one of the more boring French movies you’re likely to see. The only thing that saves it are the scenes of Louis with his daughter. Also, it has a short running time. Other than that, there’s nothing particularly uplifting, much less moral or redemptive, about the French movie JEALOUSY.

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