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NO GOOD DEED is a tense thriller with an exciting finish, in a story about a woman defending her children against a criminal thug. However, it contains some strong violence, foul language and dysfunctional relationships with Romantic, feminist elements. So, extreme caution is warranted.
The movie opens with a prison convict, Colin Evans, trying to get parole for manslaughter. The parole board has to vote unanimously for Collin to be released and one of the members strenuously objects. In fact, he calls Collin a vicious narcissist who may be guilty of murdering several women.
On the way back to prison, Colin escapes by creating a nosebleed and shooting the two guards dead in the process. Later, after stealing a van, he follows his ex-girlfriend to her house. There, he strangles her to death because she never even opened the letters he sent to her from prison. She’s also been seeing someone else.
Colin accidentally crashes the van in a thunderstorm. He makes his way to the house of Terri, a mother with two young children. Terri’s husband, Jeffrey, is away on a golfing trip with his father for his father’s birthday. There is clearly some tension between Terri and Jeffrey as Jeffrey doesn’t seem to be as involved as Terri in raising their children.
Colin pretends to be a stranded motorist. Eventually, Terri becomes comfortable enough to let him into the house as he waits for the tow truck. Then, however, Terri’s friend Meg, an outgoing blonde woman, appears. Meg starts flirting with Colin, but he begins to arouse her suspicions. Colin reveals his true colors, and Terri has to defend herself and her children against him.
NO GOOD DEED is well filmed and acted, with a lot of suspense and action. It builds to an exciting, satisfying conclusion. Idris Elba stands out as the psychotic convict. Viewers will cheer whenever Taraji P. Henson (formerly of TV’s PERSON OF INTEREST) gets the better of him.
However, the movie has a Romantic, feminist subtext where the heroic mother is trapped in a failing marriage. The movie clearly suggests that the woman should never have given up her law career and become a stay-at-home mother. NO GOOD DEED also has some strong foul language and violence, but it does show the villain getting his comeuppance. So, extreme caution is advised.

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