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PREDESTINATION is based on a gender-bending short story from 1959 by science fiction master Robert A. Heinlein. It’s about a time travel policeman who travels back in time to 1970. There, he becomes a bartender and meets a young man who writes an advice column for women titled the Unmarried Mother. As the bartender, the policeman asks the young man how come he has such an affinity for writing a women’s column, so the writer tells him his life story. The movie version adds a bomb plot to the story to make things more exciting.
Thus, the movie opens with the time cop trying to stop a mysterious bomber from planting a bomb. He stops the bombing, but the bomber escapes, and another man is killed. Cut eventually to the bar scene where the bartender meets the young writer. As the writer tells his story, the story suddenly morphs into a gender-bending twist, which leads to more unexpected twists until the story creates an extraordinary, mind-bending time paradox.
PREDESTINATION is well done with some good performances. The bomb plot does spice up the story to make it play better as a movie, though the real meat of the story is its gender bending time travel twists.
Despite this, the movie fits in line with Heinlein’s humanist and libertarian, even libertine, views promoting sexual “freedom,” including homosexuality. Thus, its gender bending plot twists will please the politically correct extremism of today’s Left in its abhorrent, evil holy war against eternal values. Also, the “resolution” of the bomb plot didn’t quite work for MOVIEGUIDE®’s reviewer, though others may disagree.

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