Present Your Movie Project

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Present Your Movie Project

As a filmmaker, one of the biggest challenges is raising money to make your movie. The problem is, most filmmakers have no idea how to present their project to prospective investors in a way that is both honest and exciting.

Most prospective investors will want to know how the movie money is going to be spent. They will want to know what they can expect in return. And they will want to know your specific plans for recouping their money. Most investors are business savvy.

While some puffery is expected in all selling, some filmmakers have a tendency to exaggerate the project well beyond reality. To save headaches, it would serve you well to present your movie project with enthusiasm – But never do or say anything dishonest.

As long as you make sure everything you say is consistent with details outlined in the private placement memorandum, you will take steps towards building trust and rapport. Make sure to meet with your attorney and carve out guidelines on what you say during the pitch meeting.

Most people know filmmaking is a risky business, full of unknowns and you should never sugar coat the potential risk involved in this business. With that said, your goal is to simply present, gauge interest and if appropriate, present the paperwork. Get the signature and arrange payment.

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