PRIDE (2014)

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PRIDE is a British movie based on a true story about a group of homosexual activists in London who win friends and greatly influence British politics by supporting the Welsh miners who went on strike during the term of conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s. It’s basically a left-wing propaganda drama that actually reveals the connection between today’s homosexual activism and ungodly communist ideology.
The movie opens in Summer, 1984. The mineworkers union in Great Britain has decided to go on strike, and conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refuses to give into their demands. A leftist homosexual activist in London decides to start a “gay” and lesbian group raising money for union members in a tiny mining village in Wales, who need money and food to continue their strike. At first, the little union office in the town refuses their help, but when the union leader gets wind of the offer, he accepts the money and food. This causes some controversy among the other miners in town, but the homosexuals go to the town to show the members they are truly sincere. Sure enough, all but a few of the miners change their attitudes toward the homosexuals and their lifestyle. In fact, both groups find that they share many sociopolitical values. Eventually, the entire mineworkers union becomes a big supporter of the homosexual agenda in the Labour Party, which changes its platform regarding civil rights to accommodate the nation’s homosexual activists and their radical Anti-Christian, non-biblical agenda.
PRIDE is well crafted, entertaining propaganda, but it’s still propaganda. Thus, like other propagandistic movies, it demonizes the opponents of the homosexual agenda and radical pro-union politics. Except for one scene, however, it avoids trying to smear traditional Christian, biblical faith regarding homosexual sin. It just doesn’t deal with it. That said, it clearly demonizes Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest prime ministers Britain ever had. In doing this, it conveniently avoids mentioning any of the opposition’s arguments against the union’s strike. Its depiction of the moral issues regarding homosexuality is also rather shallow. Thus, the people and parents who oppose the homosexuality expressed in the movie are just seen as some kind of tyrannical prudes. In fact, except perhaps for the deadly AIDS epidemic and the alleged oppression homosexuals supposedly “suffer,” the movie also makes the homosexual lifestyle itself look somewhat shallow. For example, a visit to a sado-masochistic homosexual bar by the homosexual activists and their new union friends is portrayed as just a lark.
Ultimately, the movie’s acceptance of strong foul language, union thuggery and sadomasochistic homosexuality shows that PRIDE is not only an obnoxious piece of homosexual humbug and leftist, pro-union propaganda. It’s also an obscene lump of pretentious vulgarity. Don’t be fooled or corrupted by PRIDE!
It’s interesting to also note that one of the union’s political banners near the end proudly displays an allusion to the popularization of an infamous quote from communist co-founder Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” pamphlet, “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!” This shows that communists have indeed infiltrated the union movement in Great Britain. In the U.S. they infiltrated the unions in the 1930s, were rebuffed in the 1950s and 1980s, but are seeing a resurgence in the 21st Century under Pres. Obama and his union supporters.

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