Private Film Investors

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Private Film Investors

So you’re trying to woo some private film investors? Maybe you are gaining traction and you feel a deal a close – yet despite the great conversations, something feels elusive – the money!

As a filmmaker, know this. It does not matter how much you want to make a movie. Prospective investors do not care. What they care about is how your movie will benefit them.  If you find yourself getting rejected, it is probably because you forgot this point.

Some private film investors just want to feel significant. Some movie investors want to be famous. And still others want to know that investing in your movie will offer a financial return.

As you pitch your movie to prospective investors, you will experience enthusiasm, gain traction and then suffer defeat. It is not uncommon for calls to go unanswered or your prospect to be perpetually “in a meeting” and unable to talk. Do not take this personally. In every business, deals fall apart.

Strengthening your resolve and overcoming rejection will be one of the tougher parts of the process. It is important to remember that persistence coupled with the belief in your project is everything. Until the money is in the bank, you must continually push forward in the face of adversity. You must pitch your project to multiple prospective investors and always work to expand your network. Never settle until you achieve your goal. If you aren’t being rejected daily, you are not working hard enough.

But by pushing yourself beyond your current self will make the movie possible. In the Indie Producer’s Guide to Film Funding, you will discover specific tactics for actually finding and building relationships with powerful people and private film investors.

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