Producers Target Summer 2011 for Production of “Power & Pride”

Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans

After a long delay, Power & Pride producers are looking for production dates in the summer of 2011. “The economy has definitely been a challenge for independent producers,” noted Producer/Director Jeff Evans. “While taking the production into hiatus wasn’t something we planned, we’re confident we’ll have a strong, more marketable film as a result.”

One of the positive developments is the addition of Chris Bueno of Carmel Entertainment to the team. Chris has a solid track-record in faith-based films, and was very involved in the marketing and distribution of “Facing the Giants,” “Faith Like Potatoes,” and “Fireproof.”

“Chris’ involvement helps us tremendously,” Evans continued. “He understands the business of faith-based films, and his experience and working relationships will benefit the production as we work to secure our theatrical and other distribution deals.”

During the hiatus, the producers have also taken the time to revisit the script. “Working with Linda Seger, one of Hollywood’s top script consultants, we’ve made a number of improvements,” Evans said. “We’ve tightened several scenes and, more importantly, strengthened the arcs of several of the characters.”

Power & Pride will be shot utilizing the Red camera system.

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