Someone Please Get Tam A Film Job

I get hundreds of emails every day – I’m neither bragging or complaining. It’s what I wanted and now I’ve got it. It’s part of what I do: Read emails until late at night.

Today I finally opened an email from Tam O’Malley and there I was actually reading it. It brought a faint smile to my heart, because Tam expressed clearly what I often felt starting out. I did however sense a certain despair in her tone, and something made me decide to reach out and offer some words of encouragement. Raindance, after all is made up of Tam’s and the like!

You will see from the exchange below that Tam seems talented (take a peek at her CV) but somewhat naive – little social media, no blog or website – the tools film freelancers use to get work these days. I have told Tam I would publish this in order to help her find work if and only if she works out a marketing plan for her considerable skills.

Please read the exchange below. Look at Tam’s work.  As you can see, Tam is doing a lot of things right, but still has a way to go. I think she’ll make it. Would someone pretty please hire Tam right away so she can buy food and maybe stop feeling so sad and lonely!

Yours in filmmaking,

Elliot Grove




Elliot Grove

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Tam O’Malley wrote:
Subject: Inquiry. important

Hi Elliot,
Hope you’re well. My name is Tammy and really feel in a complete quandary regarding my situation and circumstances in trying to get ahead with a career in film at the moment. I wondered if you could please help to advise me, I would appreciate it so much.
I’ve always hoped to have a career in film as either a production/concept designer or an art department assistant and runner. I’ve always worked so hard to help make these dreams come true, often at extreme financial and emotional expense.
I graduated Film and Moving Image Production at Norwich University of the Arts last year hoping this would help me realise my dreams. I also trained as a researcher and green steward with Greenshoot, the sustainable film company, in March. I’ve worked on two feature films with them since which I really appreciated and made the most of my time with them. However, each film costs a lot of money to be able to go and work on, as they are often placed all over the country and if I’m lucky Greenshoot manage to get a bursary to cover me to work on the shoots for a week.
I managed to gain work experience in the art department on a Marvel film in March at Shepperton Studios, which was amazing as I was finally getting to see how a real art department works on a feature film.
Things have been extremely tough however and I really don’t know how to take the next step into getting into art departments or doing production or concept design. Financially I feel extremely stuck as I’ve been stuck on Jobseekers Allowance despite my best efforts, on and off for almost a year now and am struggling financially as it is to pay my rent and bills, let alone be able to pay for relevant courses or even get to travel to them. I gained a place on the new Pinewood Diploma this year and even had to turn that down due to financial reasons. I was so upset as I’d worked so hard to get that placement, but I simply didn’t have the money to travel to do it (I live in Norfolk).
I feel like I’ve worked so hard, only to be stuck in a complete rut that I don’t seem to be getting out of. If you could please give me any advice on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Anything you can advise me on to help me get over this rut would be greatly valued and it would mean a lot coming from an established company who I’ve always had so much time for.
Please find attached a copy of my CV for your information, which shows what I’ve managed to do so far.
Many thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
Tam O’Malley

From: Elliot Grove <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2014 12:03:10 +0000
To: Tam O’Malley<>
Subject: Re: Enquiry
WOW what a great CV and you are sounding discouraged Tammy
You are doing exactly the right thing and you just have to keep promoting yourself and pushing out on social media
Have you a twitter account? A FB page – which highlights your work?
Have you tried and/or Talent circle and shooting people?
You can of course, start your own project – doing short shots – under  few minutes. We have the NIKON Europe competition running and you might want to enter that.
You know you have the talent or you wouldn’t have written me.
Get up, brush the teardrops off your Shoulders, and come up with another plan!
Best and hope you have a great day.
PS if you have a site with examples of your work, could you send it to me? And could I print your letter and my response on our website? That way a few more people might look at your work.
On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 1:30 PM, Tam O’Malley <> wrote:
Hi Elliot!
Thank you *so much for such a lovely email, I’ve been struggling to keep positive lately and your lovely words have really hit home, that is so kind of you :)
Thanks so much for all these great ideas, they sound great and I’ll get stuck into following them up right away, the film competition sounds great too! Will have to get working on that as well
Yes of course feel free to post on your website, I’m so glad you’ll be posting your reply up there because for anyone else who’s been feeling like I have, this is such a lovely and supportive reply.
I don’t have a website yet but I’m attaching a few pictures if that’s okay? Just a few examples of art work, also the script I did for my grad film as it was only ten minutes and I had to be solely responsible for production design for it.
Thanks again Elliot, you are a star
Tam xx
Here’s my IMDb page:
Anyone with an idea of how or were Tam could look for work? Please put them into the comments box below.

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