Stop Rewriting And Start Filmmaking

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Stop Rewriting And Start Filmmaking

Most filmmakers spend too much time in screenplay rewriting mode, when they should start making their movie. Stop it. Get your screenplay to a point where you aren’t going to keep changing things. How do you know when you are ready to lock your screenplay? Only you can decide.

But just in case you were feeling lost in la la land, here are some quick questions to test your readiness. Do you have enough money to make your movie in the time allotted? Are you happy with your movie? Can you close your eyes and imagine every scene playing out? Does your screenplay make sense?

If not, then you are not ready to lock your script. Why?  Because once your script is locked, you can’t change anything. I mean, you can – But do it before you create your final schedule and budget. Everything in your script impacts your schedule and your budget. And if you change one document, you change them all.

When you are ready to stop rewriting and start filmmaking, you may choose to utilize a movie production management system like LightSpeed Eps (they pay me). With this system, you can lessen your workload.

These types of programs allow you to upload your screenplay, collaborate on your movie with your team, and track any changes between the various departments. In this sense, if you do make changes, an online production management system can save you time as you create your final movie schedule.

If you need more help with your project, check out some of my professional filmmaking tools.

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