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Study Everything Filmmaking

One of the best ways to get started as a filmmaker involves watching every movie you possibly can. Take note of the angles, lighting and pacing of the movie. It is helpful to read the screenplay for every movie you can as well. A quick search on the Internet will help you find screenplays. You should set a goal to watch at least 50 movies and read at least 100 screenplays over the next three months.

Additionally, you will want to read every book on the subject of filmmaking. Find out how to write a good screenplay. Find out how to choose the correct equipment. Find out how to schedule and budget your movie. Find out how to finance your movie. And importantly, study the autobiographies of the filmmakers who have come before you. You should make a goal to read at least 50 filmmaking books.

As many filmmakers learn from doing, I suggest you grab a camera and start videotaping short movies for YouTube. This will allow you to practice your craft, build an audience, gain audience feedback and learn from your mistakes. You may also benefit from taking some of the many weekend workshops that are available for sparring filmmakers. A good filmmaker is not afraid to fail.

Here are some professional filmmaking resources: will provide you and your filmmaking friends with the official filmmaking stuff newsletter as well as several FREE filmmaking tools you can download. is for writers and screenwriters who want to write movies for the new low budget cinema wave. The site is geared towards first time feature writers and details a step-by-step system for getting your story on paper. is an online production management tool that allows you to schedule your movie and manage your production from anywhere. is a site devoted to helping filmmakers learn tricks and strategies for contacting and building relationships with prospective investors. allows filmmakers to easily get movie site hosting, a domain name and easily set up a wordpress blog website to promote both a movie and a movie company. provides an online training course for filmmakers who want to breakdown and schedule their movies. allows filmmakers to capture leads from their movie website, build a mailing list, set up email newsletters and a sequential email auto responder. provides tips on getting your finished feature seen and sold. This site contains resources on how to leverage digital distribution and internet marketing.

In full disclosure, many of these sites pay me to promote. Make sure to conduct due-diligence prior to making purchases here and everywhere on earth.

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