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With good cinematography and good acting, SUMMER SNOW tells the story of a family who needs God’s help to recover from the loss of their wife and mother. Throughout the story, it is revealed before she died the mother had written letters to each person in the family to encourage them and bring them closer to God.
The father, Dan, is a dentist who doesn’t know how to cook or clean. The older daughter, Julie, is planning to get married to Colton. The son, David, is in his teenage years and looking for love in all the wrong places. The driving protagonist is the little daughter, Hallie. Hallie wants to help her schoolmate, who hardly speaks English, to get some work done on her teeth.
Hallie is shocked when her father says he has to charge to fix people’s teeth. She finds how much it costs to extract a tooth, and she tries to raise the money: by selling toothbrushes stolen from her father’s office, by planting weeds in her family’s garden, and by selling items in the garage, including VHS tapes that are the only remaining memories of the mother. In the process of raising these funds to help her classmate, Hallie helps the neighbor recover from his own life trauma and helps her brother recover from his sexual fantasies when he accidentally backs into her and almost kills her.
SUMMER SNOW has some jeopardy and the acting is good, but it’s a movie without a premise; and, without a premise, SUMMER SNOW has too many plotlines, themes, and story elements.
Even so, conversion, healing, adoption, and all sorts of good things happen in SUMMER SNOW, and the ending is emotive and evangelistic.

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