Technology and Film Editing

Here’s something of interest from Kristen Brophy talks editing software and techniques with Jillian Corsie. articles

Montana Film Office to Give Away $20k in ‘Pitch the 406’ Contest

Here’s something of interest from Winner to get $ 20,000 in production equipment and services to film movie in Montana. articles

The Hollywood Reporter 2011 Film School Rankings

Here’s something of interest from Industry trade rag, The Hollywood Reporter, has published what sounds like it might be an annual list raking the 25 Best Film Schools in the world. articles

Film London’s Market Place Live: From Inception to Exhibition in 90 Minutes

Here’s something of interest from Film London, Gurinder Chadha (Bend it Like Beckham), and a panel of industry experts work through the development of a hypothetical film from concept through to exhibition. articles

Six Key Areas in Which Film Festivals Need To Up Their Game

Here’s something of interest from Today there are many thousand film festivals run across the globe every year, providing almost limitless opportunities for filmmakers to get their work in front of an audience, and in some cases (particularly where a film is good), offering one of the shortest possible paths to a filmmaking career… […]