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THE FATHER’S LOVE is about Sarah, an aspiring filmmaker who’s enjoying the New York City lifestyle as a single woman. She regularly dates more than one man at a time, sometimes even in the same day, but Sarah’s best friend Tricia warns her that she’s playing with fire. Will Sarah ever take her friend’s advice to heart?
When Sarah was just a little girl, her parents split up. Fond memories of her father are now painful reminders of the unreliability of men. Still unable to forgive her father, Sarah hides her pain and refuses to read the letters that he had written to her. Her friend, Tricia, who just started going to church, tries to influence Sarah positively, but Sarah is set in her promiscuous ways.
When Sarah starts dating Reece, the perfect man of her dreams, everything seems right. He’s thoughtful, polite, kind, and even knows quite a bit about Sarah’s Malaysian cultural background. Things seem to be going perfect for Sarah, when Reece suddenly starts acting suspicious. Canceling out on weekend getaways and missing special dates, Reece’s behavior worries Sarah’s friends, but she refuses to see past his charm. When Reece reveals a secret to Sarah, her whole world is turned upside.
Will Sarah ever be able to trust again?
THE FATHER’S LOVE is an engaging story with an important message about love, faith, purpose, and meaning. The story, while a little slow at the beginning, builds momentum and emotion as it goes. Helping the entertainment value is a great cast that gives a fun authenticity to their characters. Sarah’s journey from not trusting anyone, to trusting the wrong man, to trusting in Jesus shows good character progression and leads to a satisfying conclusion.
The Christian message in THE FATHER’S LOVE is strong, but not heavy handed, thanks again to good performances. The Gospel is shown, a life is redeemed, and transformation is made. Sarah’s lifestyle is anything but godly at the beginning, where she misleads people and sleeps around with men. Thankfully, the director shows some creative restraint and tastefully implies her promiscuous behavior. THE FATHER’S LOVE also has some light profanities that warrant caution.
All in all, however, THE FATHER’S LOVE is a good movie showing older teenagers and young adults the pitfalls of a life without Jesus and the benefits of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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