The Talking Refrigerator: The Future Of Cause Filmmaking

the day your refrigerator asks you for a donationThe year is 2022 and it’s breakfast time. I ask my refrigerator what I should eat. I like that I don’t have to open the refrigerator. The food stays cold and I don’t waste electricity opening and closing the door. Gosh, I used to hate it when the kids would open the fridge door and stare into it for what seemed like forever!

“Close the fridge door!” I’d yell.

Talking refrigerators means my kids will never yell at their children and think “My dad used to say the same thing to me.” I sigh thinking I’ll never have the satisfaction of saying “I told you so!”

The fridge interrupts: “There are plenty of eggs and cheese in here. You can make an omelet.”

“Do we have any milk?” I ask. 

“I have two percent milk and skim,” the fridge replies. “I would go with the skim,” it adds. “The two percent expires today.”

“Got it,” I say. “Anything else I should know?”

“Yes,” the fridge says. “You have milk, eggs, and plenty of other food in here. Many people aren’t so lucky. Share Our Strength is a leading organization that’s fighting hunger. Would you like a make a donation?”

“I can show you a short video about SOS’s work,” the fridge adds.

“I don’t need to watch the video,” I reply. “But I will donate five bucks.”

“Would you like to make a recurring $5 donation every week?” asks the fridge. “That’s just $110 a


“That’s fine,” I say. “But would you let me know every week before you process the donation?”

“Of course,” says the fridge. “I’ll send a tax receipt to your smart watch and your tax accountant.”

“So, do you want eggs or milk?” says the fridge. “I also have cold pizza.”

A talking refrigerator may seem crazy. But “smart” refrigerators — like our smart phones and smart televisions — are already with us. And while “smart” doesn’t yet include a refrigerator that can ask for a donation, it won’t be long before our increasingly wired world will create billions of additional ways for people to support causes — and not just with money.

This I have taken from a brilliant article written by Joe Waters. Joe goes on to explain how there are over 20 billion items connected to the internet – a frightening thought.

What’s the relevance of this to filmmakers? It’s a revolution. And Joe goes on to explain how you need not miss the revolution. Read The Day Your Refrigerator Asks You For A Donation

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