The Toughest Part Of Filmmaking

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The Toughest Part Of Filmmaking

If you are working to get your movie made, keep in mind that the toughest part of the process is getting started. Many would-be filmmakers sit around all year waiting for everything to be perfect. Not you. The sooner you realize your movie will never be perfect the better. This frees you up to get started and take action.

As a filmmaker, taking action is better than sitting around and talking. Taking action is always better than making excuses for why you can’t make your movie. And while we know there is a lot of crappy information touting foreign pre-sales as the only way to raise money, we also know there are other ways.

The Toughest Part Of Filmmaking

Taking action involves looking around, making a tally of the resources that you have right now and deciding to pick up a camera.

Depending where you are in your career, getting started may seem like an insurmountable obstacle. If this describes your situation, you’re in luck. When I first started, I was stuck in my small town and I did not know anyone in the film industry. So I took any job I could. My first gig was mopping floors at a local production company.

What price are you willing to pay to make your movie?

And if money is the only issue, check out Tom Malloy’s film finance package. I think you’ll like it.

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