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THE 12 NEW DAYS OF CHRISTMAS is a beautiful coffee table book with a CD featuring a song and an advent devotional that revises the famous Christmas carol. Instead of singing about partridges and pears, each verse for each day stresses an important facet of the Nativity Story about the birth of Jesus Christ, God of God, Lord of Lords, Savior of the world.
The new verses and the devotional are designed so that families can spend one day with their children and grandchildren on each verse and each devotional. Also, each devotional ends with discussion questions so families ca help their children and grandchildren apply the truths of each devotional and each verse to Christian faith and life today.
THE 12 NEW DAYS OF CHRISTMAS brings the Christmas Story alive in a winsome, powerful way. It also reveals who Jesus is and helps children understand Scripture verses and the Good News of the Gospel story. This is a beautifully illustrated, very fun, wonderfully imaginative book.
Written by Bonnie Johnson Fite and illustrated by Gini Bunnell, THE 12 NEW DAYS OF CHRISTMAS is highly recommended as a Christmas advent devotional and a great replacement to the traditional song. It also comes with a CD where the new verses are performed and the devotional is narrated.
Needless to say, THE 12 NEW DAYS OF CHRISTMAS is acceptable for all ages. It would make a great Christmas gift.

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