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THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2: ANGEL OF DEATH is a classy production for a horror movie, set in the English countryside during World War II, where a group of children and their two teachers are threatened by a vengeful ghost. This sequel is better than the first movie, with more positive elements, and no foul language this time, but the worldview is still occult overall, with a non-biblical view of the supernatural world.
The movie opens during an air raid bombing of London in 1941. A teacher, Eve Parkins, loses her flat in the bombing, and one of her students, a young boy named Edward, loses his parents. Eve and another teacher with higher authority named Mrs. Hogg, are tasked with taking Edward and some other students into the English countryside, to a large, forbidding and abandoned mansion sitting on the edge of some marshland near the ocean.
Of course, the mansion is haunted by the vengeful female ghost from the first WOMAN IN BLACK movie, who targets Edward and the other children for death. Eve knows something is wrong, but no one will listen to her, not even when one of the older male students is killed. Enter a young pilot named Harry, who begins to help Eve and the others try and stop the vengeful ghost.
THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 is filmed more in the line of classic horror movie mayhem. It’s a much more classy production than many of its contemporary horror movies. Phoebe Fox, who plays Eve, the heroine, is an excellent actress. She delivers a highly appealing, believable performance in what could have been just another silly ghost story. As such, this movie evokes the more classy atmosphere of such earlier horror movies as THE INNOCENTS from 1961, based on a famous Henry James novel about ghosts, or THE HAUNTING from 1963 about a haunted house. The period detail in this sequel is also well done.
Happily, THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 contains no foul language or other such crude material. Also, twice during the movie, the teachers have the children say the traditional bedtime prayer to the Lord of “Now I lay me down to sleep,” with a traditional opening, “There are four corners on my head; there are four angels overhead.” The movie also promotes sacrifice, compassion, taking care of children, and thinking “good thoughts” to dispel evil, including scary or troubling nightmares. One of the movie’s main themes is not letting yourself be haunted by the past.
Despite this positive content, THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 still has an occult, false worldview of “ghosts” and the afterlife. It makes demonic ghosts too strong and has the typical false worldview of a superstitious form of “spiritualism” or “spiritism,” where troubled dead people supposedly can haunt the living, often because of a death of some kind, whether accidental, natural or deliberate. The troubled dead person can be limited to a cemetery or a place, especially an old large house or mansion.
Finally, although the movie does have a positive ending, the last shot leaves open the possibility of another sequel about the WOMAN IN BLACK.

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