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16 Reasons Why You Should Use the UK Based RDFF Script Service

The script services at Raindance are being relaunched to offer the best possible services to all writers regardless of experience. Here’s why you should use us:

In the beginning was the Word…
– John 1:1

1. We understand the importance of the writer

It’s no accident that we’ve used the name The Writer is God for the service. We genuinely believe the writer is the most important part of the filmmaking process. Without a writer there would be nothing for the director to do and nothing for the actors to say.

2. We know there’s no such thing as an unproducible script

Other services might ply their trade on making a script “producible” but we understand that the claim is just a marketing buzz-term. All scripts are producible – the only two terms that really matter are: “good script” and “bad script”.

3. We understand that it’s your script

Our advice and guidance is led by a simple principle: it’s your script and only you could have written it. We won’t attempt to discreetly guide you in a direction we would go if it was our script under the misguided notion of making it “producible”, instead we’ll help you arrive at the best version of the story you want to tell.

4. We’re working writers

While a good grounding in academic knowledge is great, being directly involved in the industry – working with directors and producers across the world – is even better. It allows us to talk from a position of understanding that a pure reader may not have and pass that experience on to the client.

– Ain’t it Cool News on Love. Honour. Obey.

5. We have a track record of success for our clients

Clients we’ve worked with have placed in, and won, international screenwriting competitions while others have projects currently in preproduction or under consideration with production companies and producers.

6. We’re directly linked to Raindance Raw Talent

The lead at The Writer is God is also the Head of Development at Raindance Raw Talent, meaning every script that is submitted for comment is automatically considered for production.

7. But we’re not owned by Raindance

The Writer is God is a standalone service and Raindance is our client. Not being owned by Raindance means we’re not beholden to them so if a script isn’t suitable for Raindance Raw Talent we can help by taking it elsewhere.

8. We’re the only script service directly approved by Elliot Grove

As the only script service approved by Raindance founder Elliot Grove we’re backed by one of the most important people – and organisations – in independent film. We also benefit from the wealth of knowledge and contacts that connection brings, which we can then pass on to our clients.

9. We make ties with everyone

There are plenty of services out there that promise to introduce a writer to a producer or an agent but there’s always a question of just how many people they can reach out to. Our approach is more organic: if we think a script deserves to be seen we’ll work to get it into the hands of the right people, even forging a brand new contact on your behalf in order to do so.

10. We give you the whole truth

Some services may focus only on giving a series of headlines or the most significant issues while withholding the rest in an attempt to encourage repeat business. We don’t believe in this. We’d rather give you all of the information you need to improve your script the first time round.

11. We offer a courtesy follow up if you want it

Once a report is delivered questions are likely to arise, that’s why we’ll happily talk to you in the days following delivery to answer any questions you may have.

12. We’re trained to the highest standards

We haven’t just studied at some of the best and most prestigious courses in the country; we’re also always looking to expand our skills by taking more courses and refining our knowledge to give writers the best experience they can ask for.

…the best script reader I’ve met in 20 years.”
– Elliot Grove

13. We don’t just offer feedback, we can help with the writing too

If a project is proving particularly problematic we can match a client up to a talented writer who can help iron out the issues with a rewrite, or even write the whole script if the client brings an idea but no experience as a writer to us. We’ll even facilitate the whole experience to make it as simple and trouble-free as possible.

14. We can – and do – teach

As well as being working writers and highly trained readers, we’re also involved in several of the courses at RDFF, including the MA. The benefit to clients is that even if you have only limited knowledge, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you.

15. We keep our services simple, our prices fair and offer discounts

Our services are kept simple to make the selection process easier for the client. There’s no need for 20+ options when a few are all you need. We charge by the page with a low minimum so you’re not stuck paying the same for a 90pg script as you would be for one that’s 120pgs. We’ll also offer a discount to all Raindance Premium members, as well as discounts for clients who choose to return with a new draft of a previously seen script.

16. We’re always happy to offer advice

If you’ve got a question we’re happy for you to drop us an email. We’ll always do our best to answer it.


Our Services

We offer two feedback options depending on your requirements with a standard turnaround of 2 weeks though we always endeavour to return the work as quickly as possible. Script polishing and rewriting is also available.

General Coverage: is a shorter report that covers the script as a whole, discussing key points that have really impacted on the quality of the script.

  • £20 for the first 20 script pages, £0.50 for every additional page.
  • Report length: 2pgs approx.

Full Report: is exactly that, a full and in depth report that breaks down the script in numerous areas, offering explanations as to what doesn’t work and why, and putting forth ideas designed to help you develop the best possible version of your script.

  • £20 for the first 20 script pages, £1 for every additional page.
  • Report length: No page limit.

Spit and Polish: with the script finished all that’s left is to be sure the grammar, spelling and formatting are perfect. If you want to be sure, we’ll do it for you.

  • £20 for the first 20 script pages, £0.75 for every additional page.

Re/Writing: thanks to our links to a number of hugely talented screenwriters we’re able to offer writing and rewriting services whereby we will match your project – whether it’s a script that needs to be rewritten or an idea that needs a script – with a suitable writer and facilitate an agreement between you regarding the brief, turnaround and cost.

  • Cost and turnaround by negotiation.

Intensive Care: With limited availability, this is an intensive consulting experience that sees a client working with a writer/reader for 12 weeks to progress their work to a finished draft. Mixing reports with one-on-one sessions and feedback from other writers this is an experience designed to really push a client and bring out the best in their writing.

  • £1,500 for the full 12 weeks, all reports, feedback and one-on-one online sessions.


If you’re a Premium member of Raindance we’ll give you 15% off the cost of services for as long as you’re a member.


Contacting us

We can be contacted by email at


About submitting

For a report, all scripts should be submitted in English as a PDF file. Payments are made via PayPal and must be cleared before any project is looked at.

When submitting for a polish or the re/write service, we recommend Final Draft but can work with most formats. Payments are made up front for a polish while re/write services are split into two equal payments, one made at the beginning of the assignment the other immediately prior to final delivery.


Client Comments

What clients are saying about the script service…

Andy Davie, writer of ‘Crying Wolf’ and ‘Cute Little Buggers’:
I’’ve never seen such sharp understanding of story, character, plot, format or cinematic vision. The ability to see where a screenplay is succeeding and failing is second to none! Being able to then provide the writer with the information needed, with an honesty that will help said writer fix or improve a screenplay is quite simply phenomenal!

David Palin, writer of ‘For Art’s Sake’:
Mark’s constructive, honest critique gave my screenplay substance, turning it into something marketable, while his patience in being prepared to spend time with me and read my work more than once gave me direction. There is no substitute for experience and industry knowledge, combined with a willingness to share it. The reports were worth every penny, but the advice was priceless.

Douglas Beer, writer of ‘Feeding the Sharks’:
Mark took only a few days to get back to me. His remarks were simply invaluable. With its 146 pages my script was more than bulky and had many problems. What I very much appreciated with Mark is his ability to see the good even in what needed a lot of reworking. It’s always so hard to be told all that still needs to be done, but thanks to his constant encouragements, Mark just makes things easier. And unlike my previous experiences with readers who left me figuring what to do with their sometimes devastating criticism, Mark not only always showed concern in his formulations, but also had the generosity of fuelling me with great suggestions. But of course it’s the pertinence of his remarks that make you feel you are in the hands of a real professional – someone who knows exactly what he’s talking about. One thing is absolutely certain: without Mark’s help my script would never be on this year’s finalists list of the New York Screenplay Contest.

Jeremy Taylor, writer of ‘A Life Without Frosted Glass’:
I received my report back quicker than promised and was delighted with what was delivered. The feedback was clear, very well expressed, to the point and very easy to digest. Suggestions for improvement were all spot on and have helped me polish the piece accordingly. As such, my script has gone on to win an international competition so I’m delighted. I’ll definitely be running future work past Mark and his team for their input.

Michelle Nicholas-Wright, writer of ‘Ocean View’:
I have nothing but praise to say about Mark and the script service he runs. The feedback was constructive, to the point and above all encouraging. I not only felt that my script had potential but it left me with a newfound confidence in my own talents. As a result, I now work twice as hard to reach my goal of getting produced. I also went on to use the ‘proof and polish’ service, which was both efficient and professional.


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