Time to Make A Movie

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Time to Make A Movie

When I was starting my filmmaking career, an industry veteran told me to put blinders on, focus and go for it. And with this advice, he also mentioned the importance of a clearly written plan. If you have been taking baby steps towards the realization of your movie, then sooner or later it will be time to make a movie.

When you have all the filmmaking stuff you need, you are no longer operating from theory and planning… You are now in action mode! You will probably need to modify your initial, ideal schedule for the real world realities of production. When it is time to make a movie, you will firm up shoot dates and call times.

It is at this point in the moviemaking process when most filmmakers get the brilliant idea to just shoot the movie on the weekends, spanning a few months. As a potential upside to the weekend strategy, you may have less scheduling conflicts. You might also score some great deals on rental equipment. But if not managed well, weekend shooting can slow the momentum of your project.

Figure out when you can begin production. The time of the year will impact on your budget. Hot weather will require different provisions than cold weather. And how will rain can potentially wash out your shooting schedule. Do you have a pan B? How about a plan C?

While finding an experienced 1st AD or Line Producer will help you figure out the best game plan for your show, it is possible that you will want to complete an initial schedule on your own. For this, I recommend our sponsor, Lightspeed EPS – It is an online production management tool that allows you to schedule your movie and coordinate with crew.

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