Top 11 Raindance Film Articles of 2015

Top Raindance articles in 2014

Our web contributors have written some really popular posts this year. Have a look and see if there are any that you remember. Better yet, if you’ve written an article you think we might like, then send it in to,

1 15 things everyone does on a film set 315,326
2 Worlds top short film festivals 187,287
3 In memory of paul walker 5 things you may not have known 149,406
4 7 rules for writing short films 2 135,043
5 8 mistakes filmmakers make that kill their careers 102,602
6 10 tips for writing loglines 96,731
7 Essential 100 film festivals part 1 84,626
8 Where to find film work 84,189
9 Top 10 french films of 2012 73,143
10 Films 68,027
11 5 simple mistakes documentary filmmakers make 64,160

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