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WO DAYS, ONE NIGHT is an inspiring, heartfelt foreign movie from Belgium.
Sandra is starting to recover from serious depression. Having taken off some time from work, the company where she works realizes they can get on just fine without her. Sandra gets a call that from a coworker and friend saying that management has let her fellow coworkers decide her fate. They could either have a bonus of 1000 euros ($1200) or they can vote to let Sandra keep her job, but only two people voted to let Sandra keep her job.
Sandra, who is hardly able to function without bursting into tears or her vocal cords seizing up, approaches her boss with her friend. They convince him to let the workers vote again with a secret ballot on Monday.
At home, Sandra’s loving husband and their two children give her all the support she needs. Sandra’s husband Manu tells her she should visit all of her coworkers in person over the weekend. If they can see that she is well and healthy in person, they’ll vote to keep her on at the company. Reluctantly, Sandra begins contacting her coworkers.
As Sandra visits each person with her husband endlessly encouraging her, some agree to vote for her and others say they desperately need the bonus. As the vote looks to be close, Sandra begins to wonder whether she even is healthy enough to work or live, but her husband never lets her give up.
TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT is a beautiful story. The end isn’t a shocker, but Sandra’s journey is entirely satisfying and moving. Marion Cotillard, who’s best known in America for her role in INCEPTION and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, is fantastic as the lead character, Sandra, and brilliantly embodies Sandra’s mental and emotional struggle.
Best of all, the movie is positive and uplifting. Sandra, thanks to the support of her kind husband, finds the strength to fight for her job. Also, many people show kindness and sacrifice by being willing to give up a hefty bonus in order to help her. Not out of pity, but purely because it’s the loving thing to do. When Sandra is faced with a similar dilemma at the end, she makes the right and moral decision.
It’s refreshing to see a movie like this that shows the importance of family amid the struggle of depression. Though there’s no overt spiritual content, one character does state that God commands him to love his neighbor, so he decides to vote for Sandra.
Caution is advised, however, due to Sandra’s abuse of prescription pills, an attempted suicide she quickly regrets, and some brief foul language. Otherwise, TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT is a pretty strong piece of inspiring entertainment, though it could be even better with some explicit Christian or biblical references.

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