Welcome to Chill, Jason

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Welcome to Chill, Jason

The first day I sat down with Jason was at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. It was a classic Los Angeles afternoon where one could pick out the flight path of the jetliners awaiting landing at LAX.

I was expecting to meet a smooth talking salesman more preoccupied with his cell phone than anything we had to discuss. I was wrong.

Authentic passion is infectious. And very rare.

Very quickly I realized Jason was of a different breed. Normally, folks who work in film acquisitions are extremely quota driven—obsessed with hitting the number so the powers that be can rest assured the status quo remains. Not Jason. He was quite the opposite. One of his first comments to me was, “Brian, I am just here to help filmmakers. I do this by educating and passing along the knowledge I gather on this journey. It’s what I love to do.”

Wow. There are a multitude of reasons why I respect Jason but let’s start with what matters. First, he is a filmmaker—one of you. Jason knows the pain, confusion and poetry of making a film having gone through the tumultuous process. Personally I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for people that have experienced the struggle of the creative walkabout. Moreover, Jason struck me as an empathic and serious individual that truly cares about transmuting his learnings to others. He has, in fact, donated much of his professional existence to this pursuit. It was obvious this wasn’t a job—it was a calling.

I knew rather quickly that I wanted to work with him. There was simply too much adjacency in our values and what we’re building at Chill. Today, I am pleased to announce that Jason has joined the Chill team alongside some of the finest engineers, product designers, marketers and producers in the entertainment business. We are thrilled and enthusiastic about the prospects for the future. How could we not be? We get to do what we love.

Now, the important questions is: what do we hope to accomplish together? As many of you know, digital distribution is changing every aspect of the business. We, as an industry, are experiencing shifts not seen since the introduction of television in the 1950s. Shifts that have the power to dislocate massive incumbents. Shifts that may finally swing the pendulum in favor of the creators. Shifts that will put amazing stories in front of millions of people in a matter of seconds.

Jason and I want to align and partner with filmmakers like you (feel free to reach out to us whatever stage you are in—the earlier the better). We’ve started out at  Chill by creating world-class distribution and marketing tools. There are over 1.5 billion people today using social networks. We want to help you reach—at a a low cost—the millions of micro communities hanging out on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and beyond. You don’t have to ask permission anymore to distribute your film. Gone are the days where you must sell your soul to the first distributor that bites. With Chill you retain all rights, can set your own price and have access to some of the most powerful marketing tools ever created for filmmakers. We even make coming off a crowdfunding campaign seamless.

Chill aims to help you amplify your film’s presence and discover new customers through social recommendations, real-time sales data and clever social campaigns—and that’s just the start. Thereafter, we’ve created a simple cross platform distribution engine that will help you push your film into platforms such iTunes, Netflix and beyond.

Everyday we are improving our product based on feedback from partners like you and incredible support from our investors Kleiner Perkins and WME. Check out some of the amazing projects already on Chill like Please SubscribeThe special special special! and Birdemic 2. And more talented filmmakers are coming on everyday.

As John D. Rockefeller once offered, “If you want to succeed, strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.” That’s where we’re going. Want to come along too? If you have any questions for me about Chill or how we can help you distribute and market your film please let us know. We are here to serve you.

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Brian Norgard is the founder of Chill. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, investor and product designer. You can follow him on Twitter.com/BrianNorgard or Instragram.com/BrianNorgard. If you’d like to discuss your film with Brian directly, he will personally buy you a Corona at The Standard Hotel. 

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