What You Need To Know About Film Distribution

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What You Need To Know About Film Distribution

Just a few short years ago, film distribution was controlled by a bunch of companies that held the keys to the marketplace.  As an independent filmmaker, if you didn’t like the film distributor’s deal, too bad – Your only other option was to give up, or self distribute. For this reason alone, many filmmakers took crappy distribution deals and never made money.

Times have changed. These days, you can get your movie into any number of video on demand, electronic sell through marketplaces. And this means you can avoid crappy deals.

A few weeks back Karen Worden and David Branin stopped by to talk about modern film distribution. In the following Film Courage video, I explain what filmmakers need to know about distribution:

What Filmmakers Need To Know About Film Distribution

To reiterate, distribution has become a commodity. You now have the ability to release your movie globally without singing away your rights to an unscrupulous distributor. And even though many distributors would like to pretend otherwise, with a little ingenuity and a strong marketing plan, you can create and control your own independent movie business.

If you would like more information on how to actually sell your movie, I encourage you to visit: www.HowToSellYourMovie.com

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