Why Email Trumps Social Media

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Why Email Trumps Social Media

Ok. So you’re making a movie and wondering how to reach people who care. Before I share the wonders of audience engagement and explain my thoughts on why email trumps social media, I want to provide a little context.

As a filmmaker, you can’t attend any filmmaking event without overhearing somebody talk about the importance of social media, building a tribe or growing a following. People throw around audience engagement ideas with ease, pretending in a large part that the TOOLS are what matter. But this causes confusion.

Should you use Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Vine and also execute a Reddit AMA? Which tool is best for you and your movie?  And what about email?

When making a movie, I’m sure you have all these questions. (And if you don’t, you should!) The good news is, these are some of the questions the folks from Film Courage asked me in the following filmmaking video.

Why Email Trumps Social Media

As a filmmaker, you have the opportunity to share work that sparks emotion. You have the ability to change people’s thoughts and ideas. And you have the ability to be your true self. But your talent will mean nothing if people cannot find your work. This is why it is vitally important to make a memorable connection with everyone you meet.

Some Thoughts On Social Media

The reason I focus on email over other social media is access. Trying to break through the online, conversational noise is challenging. Email cuts through some of that clutter. And to reinforce this thinking, here are some facts about other platforms:

  • When you post to Facebook, only a small percentage of people see your stuff.
  • Most people who “LIKE” a page never return.
  • When you Tweet stuff, your tweet is only seen for a few seconds.

Email trumps social media because it serves as a private, direct line to a real person. And I’m not talking just a subscriber in a vast ocean of faceless followers. But someone with dreams, desires and ideas worth sharing. And it up to you dear filmmaker to make sure you always remember and respect this.

What are your thoughts? Have you had success building a following? Why or why not?

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