Why Hollywood Dreamers Fail Fast

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Why Hollywood Dreamers Fail Fast

It is easy to dream about becoming the next Hollywood hotshot.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I met these people a lot. We went to fancy dinners and cocktail parties, all of us posing as if we already had an awesome career in entertainment. I naturally assumed that these people went home each night, wrote down their goals and took small actions to achieve their goals.

As the months and years went by, I noticed something interesting – As I cold-called my way into relationships with hard to reach, busy producers – Many of my dream-filled friends stopped dreaming and left Hollywood.

Fast forward to earlier this year when Tom Malloy and I got together and created the Film Finance Guide. If you don’t know Tom, he is responsible for raising over 25 million dollars to fund his movie projects. And in the guide (which is largely an audio program that you can listen to in your car) we actually role play what it is like to cold call and get a meeting with a prospective investor.

Since our launch, many filmmakers have participated in the program. The positive feedback has been overwhelming. However, every so often I receive emails from Hollywood Dreamers asking if I would provide them with my list of investors. One woman in-particular asked me to find her an investor, and then pitch her movie idea for her.

This is why Hollywood dreamers fail fast. This business is hard. You face a lot of rejection. And nobody is going to do it for you. Guys like Tom Malloy are happy to share their experience. But sooner or later, YOU will have to decide if doing the work is worth it.

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