Why Hollywood needs to embrace conservatism

by Carol Roth, CNBC.com

After a second weekend of wide-scale release in the U.S., Warner Bros./Time Warner’s “American Sniper” movie has topped the $200 million domestic release mark. This number is stunning in and of itself in a time when many other movies have struggled to find an audience; but that number also puts it on pace to become the all-time biggest domestic R-rated movie of all time. The current record holder for that: “The Passion of the Christ.”

Taking the liberty to point out what may be obvious, what the two movies share is a large, loyal and enthusiastic audience. Whether you want to label the audience “Christian,” “patriotic” or my preferred choice- “conservative,” the strength of Sniper and Passion should be sending a strong business message about this audience to Hollywood.

Bradley Cooper in "American Sniper" Source: American Sniper

Bradley Cooper in “American Sniper”
Source: American Sniper

To say that Hollywood is liberal is much like saying that fire is hot or water is wet. That political ideology that is pervasive throughout much of the entertainment industry, coupled with the current deep divisions in the country, has left Hollywood to distance itself from conservatism. This is evident in the way that conservative talent is treated in the industry. The bias against conservatives is so strong that there is an underground society of meaningful size called “Friends of Abe” where conservative entertainers gather to network and support each other and be open about their beliefs and ideologies. According to several friends of mine who are a part of this group, no pictures are allowed in the events, for fear that the members would be punished professionally (with fewer work opportunities) if it were known that they were a part of this group.

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