Why Online Movie Marketing Is Essential

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Why Online Movie Marketing Is Essential

As a filmmaker, you need to start thinking about your distribution strategy from day one. Why? Because the world is changing. Audience viewing habits are evolving. The ways in which peopled watch movies is no longer limited to movie theaters or renting a video from a video store.

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of conversations with filmmakers asking if my marketing methods work. I wasn’t sure if you had the same question or not. So I just figured I’d answer it, just in case.

Firstly, the marketing strategies I outline are based on a some timely facts:

1. People watch stuff online: We know that more and more people are watching movies on internet platforms like iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and a bunch of other platforms as well. We also know that most sales agents and traditional distributors are working to grab your rights so they can manage your digital distribution.

However, it is also now possible keep your digital distribution rights, enter the marketplace yourself – And get your movies seen and selling without signing a crazy distribution deal!

2. You can sell your movie in the popular online platforms: While getting on these platforms is essential, it will not guarantee your movie will get seen or make any sales. Think about it, there are millions of other movies competing for the same eyeballs. You need to plan and execute a marketing strategy.

3. The internet offers a simple way to find your audience. A lot of people (from all over the world) search the internet for movies. Here are examples I pulled from the free Google Keyword tool:

– Zombie Movies – Roughly 40,500
— Romantic Comedies – Roughly 60,500
— Action Movies – Roughly 90,500
— Horror Movies – 201,000
— Documentaries – 110,000

4. Make it easy for people to find your movie. If we know people are searching for these terms, what are you doing to make sure that your movie comes up in the search results? Optimizing your website for search results is called search engine optimization. There are both on-page methods and off-page methods.

5. Optimize your movie website for maxim sales. Once your movie does come up in the search results, what are you doing to make sure that your site “funnels” people to the various marketplaces like iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and (the others…)

Take a few minutes to watch the online movie marketing video below:


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